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Clean Energy Research ontology of The Bank of Finnish Terminology in Art and Sciences


The Clean Energy Research (CER) ontology includes concepts of low carbon energy research. CER ontology has been implemented by ontologizing the Terminology of Clean Energy in the Helsinki Term Bank for Arts and Sciences, the so-called CER terminology ( CER ontology is a pilot experiment on the ontologizing a terminology of the Term Bank.

The multidisciplinary CER terminology is compiled from the key concepts used in the BCDC Energy research project in 2017-2018. BCDC Energia is a research consortium funded by the Academy of Finland's Strategic Research Council (STN) for 2015-2020. Research on the production and use of clean energy in the BCDC Energy project involves economics, meteorology, computer science, information studies and wireless communications. The concepts have been collected from consortium researchers' publications, and other key publications on clean energy research. There are 207 terms at the end of 2018. They are defined in Finnish and English.

The editorial board of the BCDC Energy project is responsible for the content of CER terminology and ontology (


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