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GEO - Geologian ontologia
GEO – Geological ontology


GEO - The Geological Ontology is based on the glossary of geology maintained by the Geological Survey of Finland. The English keywords of the glossary of geology were based on the global GeoRef Thesaurus vocabulary in the field of geology maintained by the American Geological Institute, in which GTK was involved. The Finnish equivalents of English terms were sought in the literature, dictionaries, and glossaries. Experts in the field were also used as an aid, as needed, but in some situations the Finnish term had to be created itself because it was not available in the sources.

The concepts of GEO ontology have been linked to the corresponding concepts of General Finnish ontology (YSO) in co-operation between the Finnish Terminology Centre and GTK. During to linking, the place names and many non-geological general terms found in the YSO were omitted.

Terminology not found in the YSO is not hierarchical and the relationships between the concepts are still missing.


Geological Survey of Finland


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