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HERO - Ontologie heraldică


The heraldic ontology includes concepts used in heraldry to describe coats of arms. A coat of arms can be described with a written blazon, on the basis of which it can be drawn correctly. The blazon consists of heraldic terms that are used in accordance with established rules.

The ontology is available in several languages, even though there are certain differences in concepts and their classification between different language areas. In addition to concepts known and used generally in heraldry, the ontology includes certain rarer concepts that are associated with a specific period or language area. For example, many concepts classified as properties in HERO are not traditionally part of the Nordic heraldry.

HERO is used, for example, in Europeana Heraldica, the heraldic database of the National Archives of Finland, in which the blazon data model and the heraldic search for coats of arms are based on concepts included in the heraldic ontology.

Key sources used in the ontology are listed on a separate source page.


Arhivele Naționale din Finlanda


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