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KITO - Kirjallisuudentutkimuksen ontologia
KITO - Ontology of Literary Research


KITO - The Ontology of Literary Research is a special ontology formed on the basis of the bilingual (Finnish-English) Literary Research Subject Dictionary (Kitu) compiled and maintained by the library of the Finnish Literary Society. The Thesaurus has been ontologized in the FinnONTO project 2010.

The maintenance of the KITO ontology was discontinued in 2016. Concepts and terms in this subject area can be found in the General Finnish Ontology (YSO) and the KOKO ontology.

See below for information on the number of concepts and terms included in the ontology. In addition to KITO concepts, the total number of concepts also includes YSO's concepts, because KITO is linked to YSO, which complements it, e.g. for the upper hierarchy. Collections have a specific function (grouping concepts and aggregation concepts), they are not intended to be used for subject indexing or information retrieval. The number of terms, on the other hand, only applies to KITO, i.e. YSO's terms are not included in these figures.


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