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Brain Diseases  


  • Topical Descriptor

Entry terms

  • Brain Disorder
  • Brain Disorders
  • Central Nervous System Disorders, Intracranial
  • Central Nervous System Intracranial Disorders
  • CNS Disorder, Intracranial
  • CNS Disorders, Intracranial
  • Encephalon Disease
  • Encephalon Diseases
  • Intracranial Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Intracranial CNS Disorder
  • Intracranial CNS Disorders

Scope note

  • Pathologic conditions affecting the BRAIN, which is composed of the intracranial components of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. This includes (but is not limited to) the CEREBRAL CORTEX; intracranial white matter; BASAL GANGLIA; THALAMUS; HYPOTHALAMUS; BRAIN STEM; and CEREBELLUM.

In other languages

  • Finnish

  • aivojen sairaudet
  • aivojen taudit
  • aivosairaus
  • aivotaudit
  • aivotauti
  • morbositas cerebri non specificata
  • määrittämätön aivosairaus
  • ospecificerad hjärnsjukdom
  • Swedish


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