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  • do not confuse with HYPOGLYCEMIA; HYPERGLYCEMIC MICE see MICE, OBESE is available: do not add HYPERGLYCEMIA or OBESITY unless disease is particularly discussed; Somogyi effect or rebound hyperglycemia: index HYPERGLYCEMIA / chem ind + DIABETES MELLITUS / drug ther + INSULIN / adv eff; "induced hyperglycemia" in disease states or physiologic studies: index BLOOD GLUCOSE, not HYPERGLYCEMIA

Scope note

  • Abnormally high BLOOD GLUCOSE level.

In other languages

  • Finnish

  • hyperglycaemia
  • hyperglychaemia non specificata
  • kohonnut verensokeri
  • korkea verensokeri
  • määrittämätön hyperglykemia
  • veren glukoosirunsaus
  • veren liikasokerisuus
  • veren runsassokerisuus
  • veren suurentunut glukoosipitoisuus
  • verensokerin runsaus
  • Swedish


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