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Nervous System > Neural Pathways > Medial Forebrain Bundle

Preferred term

Medial Forebrain Bundle  


  • Topical Descriptor

Broader concept

Entry terms

  • Bundle, Median Forebrain
  • Bundles, Median Forebrain
  • Forebrain Bundle, Median
  • Forebrain Bundles, Median
  • Median Forebrain Bundle
  • Median Forebrain Bundles

Scope note

  • A complex group of fibers arising from the basal olfactory regions, the periamygdaloid region, and the septal nuclei, and passing to the lateral hypothalamus. Some fibers continue into the tegmentum.

History note

  • 90(75); was MEDIAN FOREBRAIN BUNDLE see under NEURAL PATHWAYS 1975-89

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