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Cells > Neuroglia
Nervous System > Neuroglia

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  • Cell, Glia
  • Cell, Glial
  • Cell, Neuroglial
  • Glia
  • Glia Cell
  • Glia Cells
  • Glial Cell
  • Glial Cells
  • Glias
  • Neuroglial Cell
  • Neuroglial Cells

Scope note

  • The non-neuronal cells of the nervous system. They not only provide physical support, but also respond to injury, regulate the ionic and chemical composition of the extracellular milieu, participate in the BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER and BLOOD-RETINAL BARRIER, form the myelin insulation of nervous pathways, guide neuronal migration during development, and exchange metabolites with neurons. Neuroglia have high-affinity transmitter uptake systems, voltage-dependent and transmitter-gated ion channels, and can release transmitters, but their role in signaling (as in many other functions) is unclear.

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