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The concepts of information management constitute a central part of the language that is used in all information-based activities. The Information Terms terminological glossary has been created for the needs of information management and is meant for widespread use. It contains around 140 information terms that are used in information management, including the related definitions and conceptual diagrams. The conceptual diagrams include links to the term pages themselves. The glossary has been translated into Swedish and English.

The purpose of the Information Terms glossary is to help clarify information-oriented communications, support information management and encourage interoperability in a rapidly changing information environment. The Ministry of Finance initiated the creation of the glossary project, and it was implemented by Lingsoft Language Services Oy and Tietojohtaminen ry. The glossary has been reviewed by information management experts from both public administration and the private sector. The glossary is maintained in parallel with the Public Administration Recommendations (JHS recommendations). Users are encouraged to submit their development suggestions through Finto’s feedback form or alternatively by email.


Lingsoft Language Services Oy
Ministry of Finance
Tietojohtaminen ry


Tuesday, October 23, 2018 07:35:39



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